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In Focus:
Nordic and African Art in Collaboration

Saturday 19, February 2 – 4 pm. Studio 3, 3th floor, Kulturhuset/Stockholm

In Focus: Nordic and African Art in Collaboration, Hälsingegatan 43, 113 31 Stockholm, [email protected],

SUPERMARKET 18 – 20.2 2011


Saturday 19, February 2 – 4 pm. Studio 3, 3th floor, Kulturhuset/Stockholm

Cultural Collaborations in new Constellations and Independent Cultural Platforms.
A meeting between between artists and cultural organisations from Sweden and West Africa. How do we develop an independent cultural platform?

Fatoumata Diabaté, photographer, Mali
Oyindamola Fakeye: VanLagos, Video Art Network, Nigeria
Hama Goro: director Centre Soleil d’Afrique, Mali
Mats Hjelm, artist, Sweden
Denis Viart, Counsellor for Cultural Cooperation of the French embassy, Sweden.
Ellen Wettmark, Swedish Art Council
Interpreter: Françoise Sule
Moderator: Sophie Allgårdh

How can we develop an independent cultural platform?

In a talk between artists and culture workers from Sweden, Mali and Nigeria we will discuss the conditions of cultural collaborations. What type of experiences do we have, and how do we develop a sustainable collaboration? What do we want to do in the future? The participants will share their own experiences from different projects and collaborations, together with representatives from cultural institutions.
Culture is a fundamental part of a society, and a fundamental factor in the development of a country.
But culture is fragile when faced with economical, and political realities. If a society lacks stability, or an economical and political will, it is difficult for a culture to grow, and to develop freely. But: in places where culture is endorsed and given support, areas can flourish in ways that reaches far beyond the boundaries of art.
The fact that economically strong countries like Sweden support developing countries, and regions with scarce resources is for many people something axiomatic. But, it is a support that rarely focuses on culture. We know that anti-poverty programmes are necessary, but what other processes in a country are also important to support? A somewhat different view seems to be in practice in countries like France and Germany, where cultural support is broad all over the world. This type of commitment must also be discussed. As a receiver of such support one might be faced with conditions that are not always suitable for the indigenous context. How does one maintain an independence and integrity in such a situation? How can an independent cultural platform be developed?

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With the kind support from the Swedish Institute, the French Embassy, Stockholm and the non-profit organisation Afrikultur.

In Focus: Nordic and African Art in Collaboration, is a non-profit organisation whose purpose is to develop networks and support collaborations between artists, curators and cultural producers in the Nordic Countries and West Africa. ([email protected])

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