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VENUE: Nigerian Film Corporation, Ikoyi, Lagos

DATE: October 13 - 15, 2011

Video Art Network Lagos in collaboration with the Goethe Institut Nigeria will be screening the following short experimental videos by NIgerian artists during the IN-SHORT International Short Film Festival in October 2011.

1. Jude Anogwih: Unstable stables | 02:03mins.
2. Jelili Atiku: Alloy wheels | 05:45mins.
3. Lucy Azubike: Identity 2009 | 01:20mins.
4. Uche Joel Chima: Lying in wait | 05:30mins.
5. Victor Ehikhamenor: Coming and going: before the walls crumble |      05:00mins.
6. Emeka Ogboh: [dis]connect II | 03:00mins.
7. Wura-Natasha Ogunji: The epic crossings of an Ife head | 02:05mins.
8. Ima Okon: This temple | 03:34mins.
9. Mudi Yahaya: The black woman unplugged | 03:50mins.

pdf   Download full synopsis

VAN Lagos Goethe Institut

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