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Motions I Time I Space.

VENUE: Museum Folkwang, Essen Germany.

DATE: 31 August 2012. 7pm

Motions I Time I Space at the Museum Folkwang, is a presentation of experimental short videos by artists Lucy Azubuike (NIG/USA), Wura Natasha Ogunji (NIG/USA), Emeka Ogboh (NIG) and Jude Anogwih (NIG).

Azubuike’s Women, get rid of this Monster (2011) brings to the foreground women’s physiology and psychology. The video explores the challenges of fibroids as it affects a woman’s health; her access to health care and the gender bias she faces in her community. Ogunji’s My Father and I Dance in Outer Space (2011) connects the physical and metaphysical, thus reemphasising the Yoruba philosophy that death is not the end of life but rather a transition from one form of existence to another. Loco Metta I Fractual Scapes (2011) by Emeka Ogboh explores the multidimensionality of Lagos a postcolonial cosmopolitan city famous for its beautiful chaos and functional co-existence of traditional past and modern present . While Jude Anogwih combines photography, painting an video components in Dystopia (2011) to interpret Nigeria’s changing (eco)system since the discovery of oil ten decades ago.

The video works presented have layers of meaning that communicate existential subject. They are symbolic and literal as well as obvious and subliminal narratives of our society. These are the artists’ vision and hopefully it should according to the American video artist, Bill Viola, communicate knowledge and compassion. It should enrich the discourse on video and new media in practices of contemporary art in Africa.

Motions I Time I Space is organised by Video Art Network, Lagos with the kind support from the Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos.


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