Video Art Network Lagos
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Who we are:
VANLagos is a New Media art organisation based in Lagos, Nigeria, established by the collaborative efforts of artists Emeka Ogboh, Jude Anogwih and cultural producer Oyindamola Fakeye.

What we do:
Promote New Media art activities in Nigeria.

Develop educational and public programmes that promote and create New Media art awareness in Nigeria.

Create a sustainable platform for the screening and presentation of New Media art in Nigeria.

Host and curate screenings and exhibitions of both established and emerging New Media artists.

Host a series of educational and public programmes on New Media art in and around Lagos.

Build on its international networks and capabilities by partnering with institutions that promote New Media art.

Even as the worlds (manmade) borders become ever more irrelevant and globalisation digs its feet further into the ground of our consciousness,
Video Art Network Lagos
there is much to be gained, especially in terms of contemporary art. For instance the inception of Video art in Nigeria, beginning formally through oneminute foundation workshops in both Enugu and Lagos, followed by the Lihna Imagineria workshops developed by Miguel Petchkovsky (Time_Frame)and held at the Centre for Contemporary Art Lagos.
October 2009 saw the opening of the first international video art exhibition curated by Nigerian curators Oyinda Fakeye and Jude Anogwih which further cemented the role of video art in the Nigerian contemporary art scene. The exhibition was accompanied by a publication which featured writings by Solange Farkas (videobrasil), Goddy Leye (Art Bakery), Krydz Ikwuemesi (Univerisity of Nigeria Nsukka) and others. It’s also important to mention the work carried out by the Goethe Institute to further develop the medium with a successful workshop hosted in April 2010.

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