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PICHA is an art center in Lubumbashi (Democratic Republic of Congo), which started in 2006 and was formally registered in 2010. It is active in the field of visual arts and urban culture. The main objective of PICHA is to create a framework for local professional artists and for local cultural activists. The Rencontres Picha is the Lubumbashi Biennale, run since 2008. The art center has a graphic studio, audiovisual recording studio, silkscreening workshop, and a residence for visiting artists.

Njele Art Station
Njelele is an independent project space located in downtown Harare. It focuses on contemporary visual art forms, such as photography, film, animation, sound, installation and performance art. Njelele is an urban laboratory for creative experimentation, erudition and encounters with everyday life.

VAN Lagos
Video Art Network Lagos (VAN Lagos) is an independent non-profit organisation set up by artist/curator Jude Anogwih, artist Emeka Ogboh and curator Oyindamola Fakeye. It promotes new media art activities. It hosts screenings and exhibitions and develops educational and public programmes that promote an awareness of video art in Nigeria.

Espace culturel multidisciplinaire, La Médina est une agora de créations artistiques à Bamako, installée au cœur de la capitale Malienne. On y croise des ambassadeurs, des artistes, des ministres et les habitants du quartier. La Médina transmet les cultures du Sahel, au-delà des mers et des terres. La Médina se positionne comme un label de qualité

32° East
32º East is a centre for the creation and exploration of contemporary Ugandan art. Based in the capital, Kampala, 32º East aims to provide artists and cultural producers with the information, resources and exposure needed to raise the profile of Ugandan art to a national and international level. Key to the success of 32º East is the formation of partnerships. We are working with a number of key organisations to ensure the longevity, growth and productivity of an energetic Ugandan art scene.

VANSA operates as a support point and development agency for contemporary art practice in South Africa. VANSA develops industry knowledge, resources, networks and projects that are concerned with realising new social, cultural and economic possibilities for contemporary art practice in the South African – and wider African – context.


ZeroPointArt is a multifunctional space used for exhibitions, concerts, a wine bar and accommodation for artists-in-residence and guests. Description ZeroPointArt is a dynamic cultural house which brings creative disciplines together for innovative creations in the fields of music, photography, graphic design and visual arts. The project is run and curated by the artist Alex Da Silva together with young and creative people with great passion for the arts.
Antonio Ole, Francisco Vidal, Nelo Teixeira and RitaGT are the artists members based in Luanda, Angola. The aim of this project is to develop an active and professional contemporary art practice in Luanda, focus on art as critical thinking. We are interested in re-think the angolan art production in a post-independence era. As living in global times, this project will be intensively living abroad Angola. The 2013/2014 project title is Luanda found footage. We believe that together our ideas and concepts become stronger. This angolan artists movement already started! Stay in tune.

Kin Art Studio (KAS)
KAS/Kin ArtStudio project Is a cultural, non–profit Organization, was founded in 2010, by the congolese visual artist, Mwilambwe Bondo, KAS is an artist initiative serves as a laboratory for developing talent on an national and an international level. which favors the creation or the innovation in the field of visual arts and other forms of contemporary artistic expressions in Kinshasa, DRCongo, in Africa and in the World.

Addis School of Fine Art and Design
Alle School of Fine Arts and Design, Addis Ababa University, was founded in 1958. Until recent time, the School was the only school of its kind in Ethiopia to teach fine arts and design subjects in a higher educational level. Currently, the school has five BA and two MA programs.

Voices in Colour
Voices in Colour is an arts organization set up 2011. The mission is to connect contemporary cultures and initiatives through creative platforms of exhibitions, residencies and workshops. VIC emphasizes the need for contemporary tertiary art education in the S.A.D.C and professionalization of the arts sector. VIC also creates a platform for creative collaborations.

Townhouse was established in downtown Cairo in 1998 as an independent, non-profit art space with a goal contemporary art and culture accessible to all without compromising creative practice. Townhouse supports artistic work within a wide range of media through exhibitions, residencies for artists, curators writers, educational initiatives and outreach programs.

Centre Soleil d’Afrique
Le Centre Soleil d’Afrique est régi par un statut associatif, obtient son accord cadre ONG Culturelle en Janvier 2014. Crée en Mars 1999, il procède son propre local situé dans une zone économique de Bamako, grâce au soutien financier de la Fondation Prins Claus. Il s’investi dans la promotion et la valorisation des arts visuels contemporains et œuvre pour l’amélioration des conditions de vie et de travail des jeunes au Mali.

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